Nyakwesi Mujaya

Founder & director

NGO GUTz Organization (TZ)

Diseases, poverty, conflict, and disasters have uprooted and disturbed millions of families around the world. HIV is among these diseases disturbing different parts of the world, including Tanzania. One third of women and half of men have never even been tested.

My passion, motivation and confidence gave me strength and power to combine forces with Suzanne in combating the disease in Tanzania. I do believe that when people stand aware of the situation and their health, the world will get up in development.


Suzanne ter Haar

Founder & director

Stichting GUTz Foundation (NL)

To be honest, from the first moment I set foot in Tanzania, which was back in 2006, I fell in love with the country. Of course the nature and animals are stunning, but it was especially the people and their amazing initiatives that intrigued me. The power that arises from uniting the numerous passions, talents, dreams and projects of the motivated individuals I meet, is what inspired me to start GUTz and still encourages me every single day!


Gideon Patrobah Mazara

Marketing Manager

NGO GUTz Organization (TZ)

I got to know GUTz for the first time as Secretary General of Tanzania Get Together. At the event in Temeke Mwembe Yanga in 2014 I saw the power and enthusiasm of the team and decided to help out where I could. Right after the event Mutta asked me to join GUTz team officially. I love working together with all the different organizations we meet and brainstorm with the team about all the beautiful projects we can still create in the future!


Jimmy Mathias

Theatre coach

NGO GUTz Organization (TZ)

Every since I joined Makini Organization, I learned how to use my own experiences and talent to teach my fellow young Tanzanians about the different issues we face. I performed at an HIV awareness event the first time in 2013 and since 2015 I have been asked to train theatre groups in other areas in Tanzania about our educational forum theatre. I am very proud to see how my students pick up quickly and even use our training to create their own follow up performances.


Hamza Omari Mleche

Finance Director

NGO GUTz Organization (TZ)

In the year 2017, I had a phone conversation with Nyakwesi Mujaya, who told me about what she was doing in GUTZ and explaining about the mission and vision of the organization. She inspired me and I came to realize that she was doing great things and when we combine our forces together we can get up and reduce or eradicate the HIV victims globally.


Karenhapuch Harris Joshua

Administration officer

NGO GUTz Organization (TZ)

The reason I have joined GUTz in 2017 is because I want to help people and learn more about HIV and all sexually transmitted diseases.  I am inspired to work with GUTz and I believe that together we can fulfill our dreams.


Jenifa M. Bwaira

Program Manager

NGO GUTz Organization (TZ)

I have always been interested to work with different companies/NGO’s to see how people work and get different ideas from working together. I believe in the power of co-operation and think that we can achieve most that way. As HIV was one of my main subjects in University, I have seen how people suffer of this virus. By joining GUTz I wish to get more inside in the topic in the field and together see where we can make a difference.


Katikiro M. Moshi

Field & Research Officer

NGO GUTz Organization (TZ)

Professionally, I am a computer engineer. I have an international diploma in computer engineering from Techno Brain College. My passion on working in sociological matters led me to work with MUHAS, FHI, DAMAX Solutions and Temeke Hospital on several programs pertaining social development in different periods. Therefore, when I met Nyakwesi and she told me about GUTz, I simply thought I could join in order to assist GUTz to accomplish its goals. I believe my experience in social matters will help GUTz to move forward.


Wouter Huijser


Stichting GUTz Foundation (NL)

Just meeting and having a drink with a random friendly stranger showed me how scary, close and puzzling HIV can be for many Tanzanians. It just goes to show how important the work GUTz is doing is. And it’s doing a pretty bang up job at it! It’s a joy being a part of this movement and seeing GUTz and its great teams grow bigger and better.


Madelein van der Ploeg


Stichting GUTz Foundation

Suzannes passionate stories about GUTz were always very inspiring to me. I’m glad to be able to learn more about the important movement GUTz started in Tanzania now that I am a board member. Almost 11.000km away I am contributing to this movement in my own way. Hopefully, one day, I can bridge this distance and see the stories come to life!


Elise Volker

Board member

Stichting GUTz Foundation (NL)


Danny Van Baekel

Board member

VZW Get Up Tanzania – GUTZ (BE)

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