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UBUNTU! ‘I am because we are’

One researcher, one fruitbasket, one big group of children and one challenge: ‘whoever reaches the fruitbasket first, can have all the fruits.’ The response? All children take eachother by the hand and run to the basket as a group to enjoy the fruits together. Ubuntu! ‘I am because we are!’ This community feeling is also what makes Tanzania what it is and makes the contact with people very inspirational. We are doing this together and if we all together work hard, we will share in the joy it will bring afterwards.


By becoming a friend of GUTz, you will immediately be part of our GUTz community and you’re continuously a big part of the difference we can make in the battle against HIV in Tanzania.

You can already support us starting from €5 a month.

Tanzanian Sister-brother love

How does it work:

  1. Click on a plan
  2. You will be redirected to “GoCardless”
  3. Fill in your details
  4. The selected amount will be deducted on a monthly basis
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation email and unlimited love from the whole GUTz team!
Those 2 beers too many

Those two beers too many at the end of the night that you actually should not drink…? Donate them to us and give us that little extra push every month! Asante! 

1 visit to the snackbar

By eating a salad that one friday of the month instead of going to the snackbar, you can help us a lot. 30 people a year can get a free HIV-test at 1 of our festivals, thanks to you. 

1 bottle of red wine

That cheaper wine is actually also quite nice. Choose that for once a month and help to give 45 extra the chance to get tested for HIV and to get informed about a healthy future. Asante sana sana from the whole team!

1 gym membership

Feeling guilty about not using that gym membership? Not necessary! You can help us pay 6 doctors to support our festivals. Thanks a lot!

1 videogame

90 people! Thanks to you they all get the full GUTz package: testing, counseling, prevention-education and entertainment. As the ultimate GUTz supporter you make this possible! Thanks!

1 visit to the petrolstation

GUTz HERO! With your support you are paying for 1 doctor each month, combined with 2 testing packages. Without you our GUTz-web would not be the same. Go to the petrol 1 time less and get a real Tanzanian thank you in return..

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