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Get Up Tanzania (GUTz) offers a platform for local Tanzanian organisations and individuals to work together in exposing and addressing HIV and activate young Tanzanians to do the same.

The close collaboration between the Dutch, Belgian and Tanzanian team is what makes GUTz exceptional. Our strength comes from our team and the passion that we share: motivating young Tanzanians to take an important step in the battle against HIV. At the same time a good division of tasks is crucial for transparency to partners and sponsors and sustainability and growth of the projects. For more details on the responsibilities of the Foundation & Organisation, please check the specific pages.


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The main goal of GUTz is to motivate young Tanzanians to get tested for HIV and no longer be hesitant to talk about the virus. At every festival we are working with motivated medical professionals and doctors from the targeted area. On top of this, our research is always carried out in close connection to the different governmental health commissioners concerned. All this to make sure proper follow up counseling and treatment is offered to those who tested positive for HIV at our festivals.

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GUTz setup is build on the concept of edutainment: education + entertainment. We organize music- and theatre festivals to motivate the younger Tanzanian generation to get involved in the battle against HIV. By including the popular music industry and local theatre groups into our team and announcing their presence in our Public Announcement days before, we attract our audience to the festival site; we create an open environment where it is possible to talk about HIV and we get rid of the scary association with testing.

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At the same time both musicians and theatre performers  inform the audience about the issues around HIV and the importance of getting tested. The interactive theatre show involves visitors in a discussion about modes of transmission, prevention methods and regular testing. Information and education does not just come from GUTz’ team but is created together with our visitors. Get Up Tanzania, standing up together!

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We believe that Tanzania has a lot of individuals and organisations who are using their passion and power in working towards decreasing problems like HIV within their society in several different ways. Creatively combining these efforts from the different levels and areas within Tanzanian society will create an even bigger impact. Together we can “get up” against these issues and make the change that is needed.


GUTz Foundation

  • Kickstart fundraising
  • Training & Coaching
  • Follow up

GUTz Organisation

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Reports
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