World Aids Day 2017

World Aids Day 2017

The 2017 December 1st event went well with a big impact for the citizens of Kisemvule Village, Mkuranga District, as well as for the sustainable connection between GUTz and the different governmental institutes. The event was first of all a way to support the people living in this area of Pwani region, but secondly an introduction of the renewed Get Up Tanzania team, giving new members a chance to show their creativity, passion and perseverance.

The trip to Kisemvule started at 5:00 am from Dar es Salaam. The team managed to set the venue and plan everything so the event could start at 11:00 am as scheduled. The tasks were divided amongst the different ‘team leaders’ who each had a number of volunteers to support them and help to achieve the tasks during the event day. Food & drinks, floor management, government officials & doctors, PA & tents, artists & performers: all of them had their own team leader to refer to in case of any questions. This structure helped to make the event into a great success.

The fruitful edutainment method was implemented with the help of the local Tandan Art Group. This group had no previous theatrical experience, but thanks to the professional training of Jimmy Mathias, they managed to deliver the message, entertain and educate the audience with local dance, forum theatre and comedy during the event. Other entertainment groups from Dar es Salaam joined them in the event: Jaba Rhymes, Sibuka Guy and Ngongoti artists (stick walkers). The event spirit and audience attention was raised even more with the introduction of competitions and games with which visitors could win chickens or school supplies.

Despite the fact that the event ended a little earlier than planned due to the running out of test kits ánd the fact that the event had to pause for about an hour and a half because of heavy rains, we managed to hit above the expected number of people to get tested in a relatively short time.  This has especially surprised the government officials, including the DC (District Commissioner). At a previous event at the same venue, only 10 people were tested. This made them consider to change the event at the last minute, but luckily the team persisted and by 4:00pm over 2000 people attended the event and 529 people were tested for HIV, most of them under 30 years old. GUTz methods and style amazed the attending officials, who’s active participation definitely added to the success. The attendance of government leaders from the district and street level and the official opening and closing by the DC gave the GUTz team a great boost and made us establish a working bond, relationship, trust and linkage that will be of great help in the near future for our work in Mkuranga District.

Special thanks to Nyakwesi, Karen, Jenifa, Frida, Gideon, Jimmy, Katikiro, Machumu, Elisha, Yohana and Lilian to organize World Aids Day 2017 and create a strong base for future work! Asanteni sana.

529 People tested

  • HIV -
  • HIV +